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100% New Zealand Colostrum

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100% New Zealand colostrum meets the highest purity standards because the herds are pasture-fed and raised without the use of hormones‚ steroids or antibiotics. 100% Pure New Zealand Colostrum contains 90 known health-promoting components‚ including antibodies‚ immunoglobulins‚ antioxidants and growth factors that support the immune system and healthy cell function. 100% Colostrum from New Zealand is a great source of Immunoglobulin G (IgG). antibodies. IgG antibodies are the most abundant type of antibody, which is found in all body fluids and protects against both bacterial and viral infections.

100% New Zealand Colostrum adds back the powerful, natural antibodies and immune factors that promote healthy immune system function, which play a key role in our everyday health.

  • Nature’s Superfood
  • 100% New Zealand Colostrum
  • Sourced from pasture fed cows free of BSE, antibiotics
  • Wide range of immune benefits
  • Rich in growth & repair factors
  • Contains IgG antibodies
  • Boosts strength, stamina and lean muscle mass production
  • Promotes healthy intestinal flora and supports the digestive systems
  • Encourages cellular growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage

Colostrum can be mixed in food or beverages. and is ideal for pets and human adults and children. Colostrum is a nutritious source of beneficial immunity factors, particularly

Colostrum for Athletes & Exercise

Colostrum has become an increasingly popular dietary supplement for many athletes. Athletes will go to great lengths to achieve superior performance. Many athletes have found that colostrum is a healthy alternative to the illegal use of steroids and growth hormones to improve their performance. Bovine colostrum can help shorten recovery time following intense exercise; build lean muscle mass; burn adipose tissue; maintain ideal blood glucose levels; accelerate healing of injuries; preserve and boost immune function; and heal Leaky Gut Syndrome. Everyday exercisers can benefit as well, without feeling the need to put harmful or unproven substances into their bodies

Colostrum could be the most important natural substance to help athletes achieve their desired results. Research shows that colostrum can help:

Colostrum for Pets

Any animal species benefits from Bovine Colostrum. They love its taste and instinctively recognize the benefits:

100% Colostrum use with animals can be quick, usually noticeable within just a few days. Colostrum powder can also be used for accelerating the healing of wounds such as insect bites, abscesses, ruptured cysts* and to ease food intolerances or allergies, gingivitis and infectious osteoarthritis.

*Please see the Colostrum – Use in Deep Wounds Library page.

Product Information


100% New Zealand Bovine Colostrum
Contains milk. This product contains NO yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, artificial flavoring, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Directions for Use

Adult use: 1 teaspoon (1/3rd scoop) once daily on empty stomach with 8 oz. of water or as directed by a health care professional.

Athletic use: 1 rounded scoop in protein drink, milk, or water. May also be mixed with other foods or beverages. Take 30 to 45 minutes before exercise.

Children (6-12 years) 1/3rd teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight mixed with beverage, placed directly in the mouth, or sprinkled on food.

Dogs & Cats: 1/3rd teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight mixed with beverage, placed directly in the mouth, or sprinkled on food.

Horses: 2/3rd tsp. per 250 lbs. of body weight.

Topical use: Apply powder directly to cuts, abrasions or irritable skin conditions. Apply directly to gums in cases of sensitive teeth and mouth sores. Double maintenance dose when dealing with dis-ease.

Most animals love this nutraceutical grade 100% New Zealand Colostrum, so dispensing to them is easy without capsules. Humans, place desired amount under the tongue, wait 30 seconds, and follow with a glass of water. Terrific immune system enhancer/booster. Hormone, Pesticide, and Antibiotic Free.

8 oz. size contains approx. 113 servings
14 oz. size contains approx. 198 servings


For optimal storage conditions, store in a cool, dry place.(59°-77°F/15°-25°C) (35-65% relative humidity).

Books & Articles

Bovine Colostrum, Nature's Forgotten Miracle, by Stephen Blake, DVM.

Comparative study on the use of Colostrum in treating deep wounds.

Here are some good books about the healing powers and health benefits of colostrum:


The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

Below are photos of a labrador retriever who lives in Colorado. His human guardian buys 100% NZ Colostrum from us, 2 - 24 oz. containers at a time. He had just ordered the 100% NZ Colostrum and then called to order more less than a week after his previous order. I asked him what happened and he forwarded the following photos. Apparently, his mail carrier left the colostrum package at his front door and his labrador decided to open it for him and proceeded to open the jar of colostrum and consume it (as evidenced in the photos). So, please be careful and keep your colostrum jar out of reach of your canines. One of the many great benefits of colostrum is the fact that ALL dogs and cats LOVE it, but when they break into the jar unannounced, they can become colostrum thieves!

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My dogs are healthy and have lived long lives. We always include New Zealand colostrum in their food. --- John H.

I practically cured my cat of leukemia with New Zealand Colostrum! Even his vet was amazed! Great stuff, thank you! --- Suzanne L.

It works! I am 59 year old athlete. --- Caroline J.

 Colostrum saved my dog's life when he had to have a steel plate and 12 screws taken out that harbored infection after he broke both both in front leg. He healed up and stayed strong while on strong antibiotics and you would never know his leg had been broken before.--- Lynn O.

 My dog & I love the NZ Colostrum.Merry E.

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