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Natural Senior Pet Health Care Kit

Vitality Pet Kits for Naturally Healthy Senior Pet Care for Senior Dogs

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Older pets have special health needs and may require more attention and care than younger pets. With age comes a general slowing down in pets as major senses (sight, taste, touch and smell) dull. Loss of senses is often a slow process and may even go unnoticed for a period of time. Pets may also be affected mentally as they age; aging pets may begin to demonstrate changes in their behavior and overall awareness of their surroundings. As pets age their organs may become less efficient and they may be less able to resist infections and other diseases.

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Use the Amber Technology Vitality Combination as a preventative and to rejuvenate the health and vitality of your senior pets. Senior pets experience renewed vigor and mobility, as well as an extended life. Start your older or middle age pet on the Amber Technology's Vitality Combination today!

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Senior Vitality Kit Canada/Mexico Priority Mail $86.97

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Senior Vitality Kit Canada/Mexico Express Mail $86.97

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Use the Amber Technology Vitality Combination as a preventative and to rejuvenate the health and vitality of your senior pets. Senior pets experience renewed vigor and mobility, as well as an extended life. Start your older or middle age pet on the Amber Technology's Vitality Combination today!

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Senior Vitality Kit International Priority Mail $86.97

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Senior Vitality Kit International Express Mail $86.97

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For additional Support for your Senior Pet, consider the following products:

Hawthorn & DandelionHawthorn and Dandelion is a natural organic herbal remedy that helps strengthen and support your senior pet's heart muscle. The natural herbs in the Hawthorn & Dandelion remedy are also excellent to provide heart support for pets who have heart disease.

Internl Gold Detox KitInternal Gold Detox Kit A detox should be performed on your pet at least twice a year. Toxins are very harmful to the body. Detoxing the toxins from the liver (Life Cell Support) and the kidneys (Kidney Rejuvenator) will allow a full internal detox from the toxins. Your pet will have a rejuvenated feeling after every detox.

Vibactra PlusVibactra Plus If your older pet is suffering from bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitical infections (most pets are), adding Amber Technology's organic, herbal antibiotic, Vibactra Plus will serve a big purpose. Anytime an infection is compromising the immune system the body will act up or (if infected over a long period of time) will start to shut down. This highly effective antibiotic can be given along with the Vitality combination for infections. If given twice daily for long periods of time, Vibactra Plus can also be used to build the immune system which is good for older.

PetizolPetizol (formerly Pet's Pain Formula) If your older pet is suffering from chronic pain, the effects of arthritis or other ailments, add the Amber Technology Petizol to the Vitality Combination. Petizol is designed to work with Adizone - they team up to relieve the inflammation and pain that often afflict your older pet. Pain has been proven to stop the healing process. Taking pain away will actually help the body heal faster and more appropriately.

protummyProTummy (formerly Tummy Trouble) If your older pet is experiencing diarrhea, vomiting, gas or bad breath (which is common in older pets), you can add Amber Technology's ProTummy to the Vitality Combination. ProTummy will quickly quell any gastro-intestinal issues while working in together with the Vitality Combination to reinvigorate your older pet.

HWF aka Heartworm FreeHWF (aka Heartworm Free), all natural product for heartworm treatment or prevention. Great for pets of any age!

PetVision Eye Drops: a natural ophthalmic nutraceutical solution proven to help protect and improve vision in dogs, cats, and other animals. PetVision eye drops can be useful in alleviating incipient Cataracts, Lenticular Sclerosis and dry eye syndrome (KCS).

ProBioraPet (formerly EvoraPet) Oral Care Probiotics: all natural oral probiotic to freshen breath, remove plaque and whiten your pet's teeth.

RX Biotic for Pets: Many times as our pets reach they senior years they may start experiencing gastro-intestinal issues. RX Biotic RX Vitamins for Pets Professional Veterinary Formula combines the most researched probiotic strains used for pets. Because these strains are acid and bile resistant they may be taken with food and still retain their potency of 3 billion viable cells per serving. A powerful proprietary enzyme blend is added to maximize nutritional absorption of food and support normal digestion and elimination. RX Biotic is excellent for your senior pet's digestion.

Animed MSM Powder: We use Animed MSM for natural effective relief of inflammation and pain issues. MSM has properties similar to aspirin, without the possible aspirin/ibuprofen and similar aspirin side effects. MSM is excellent for joint or muscle pain relief. We find it best to dose it 3x/day for optimum inflammation and pain relief.

NZ Colostrum Colostrum is the first food of life! Intended to be the first substance a newborn ingests, it is beneficial for all ages. Immune and growth factors in 100% New Zealand Colostrum provide essential nutrients needed for immune system and health. It is very important to keep your senior pet's immune system functioning properly; don't forget the 100% New Zealand Colostrum for you senior pet!!!

Natural Flea & Tick Control Traditional dog and cat flea and tick preventative treatments are toxic to us and our pets. These toxic flea preventative treatments poison your pet's body - skin, blood, brain, kidneys, liver, lymphatic system, and then when the flea or tick bites them, it kills them. These toxins are especially harmful for very young or senior pets.

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