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Sea Essential Mineral Salt

Natural Mineral and Trace Element Sea Salt
For Cattle, Horses, Swine, Poultry, Goats, Sheep, Aquaponics

Sea Essential Mineral Salt
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The term "Sea Salt" is used frequently to describe many salt products. Technically ALL salt mined on earth can be called sea salt. Most of these "sea salts" are mined in areas of salt beds left from ancient seas that have long since evaporated, when the oceans receded eons ago. Over time, these salt beds have been subjected to geological pressure and moisture. These geological processes have leached away minerals and elements, while concentrating others. These salts no longer provide the complete spectrum of minerals and elements contained in sea water. Many consider salt mined from these ancient beds "earth salts".

Many earth salt's coloring runs in the red or pink spectrum, indicating high levels of Iron. Charles Walters, ACRES USA, explained that feeding this type of salt to livestock feed programs by producers with high iron in their soil/forage or water can cause animal health issues for livestock. Feeding red mineral salts to livestock foraging on hay or drinking water with a high iron content causes iron toxicities and blocks the uptake of other important minerals and trace elements. He believed that Michigan’s problems with bovine tuberculosis could be due to a misdiagnosis and was actually iron toxicity.

There are inexpensive white sea salts available that are created from either sea water or mined from the earth. Many livestock producers offer inexpensive white salt to their livestock. These inexpensive salts are either mined from the earth OR it is "sea salt" that is retrieved from sea water. Although it is White in color, this salt contains 97-99% NaCl and only one to three percent other minerals and trace elements, due to environmental impact and processes used to retrieve the salt. Livestock ingest greater quantities of both the inexpensive white and red colored salts because these salts are less water soluble and lower in minerals and trace elements.

To be called sea mineral solids or "sea salt," as defined by Dr. Maynard Murray, MD*, sea salt cannot be touched by rain or leached of any minerals and trace elements, and contain no more than 82-85 percent sodium chloride (NaCl) with balanced mineral and trace elements in the remaining 15-17 percent.

Sea Essential Mineral Salt is dehydrated sea water, directly from the sea. Sea Essential Mineral Salt is solar dehydrating sea water from a desert estuary receiving less than one-half inch of rainfall annually, thereby, providing the complete spectrum of minerals and trace elements found in sea water. Because of this, you are giving your livestock the highest quality livestock salt available.

*Maynard Murray was a medical doctor who researched the crucial importance of minerals - especially trace elements - to plants and animals. Beginning in 1938 and continuing through the 1950s, Dr. Murray used sea solids - mineral salts remaining after water is evaporated from ocean water, proving the benefits contained in "real" sea salt or sea solids for plant and animals.

Sea Essentials Mineral Salt is an excellent addition to all livestock feeding programs.

Crop production:
  • Enhance nutrient uptake
  • Improve flavor
  • Increase production and yields
  • Fewer days to harvest
  • Reduce transplant shock
  • Less heat stress
Livestock Benefits:
  • Enhance fertility and conception rates
  • Improve herd health
  • Improve freshening
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Quicker weight gain
  • Improved Meat flavor

Product Information


100% Pure solar dehydrated sea salt. It is free of chemicals, heating additives and pollutants.

Directions for Use

Cows, horses, sheep, and goats: Offer free choice as mineral salt or add 15 lbs. Earth & Sea Essential Salt per 100 lbs. of regular mineral supplement.
Dairy Cows: Add 3 oz. to feed twice daily or offer free choice.
Horses: 14 lbs. Earth & Sea Essential Salt per one ton feed.
Turkeys: 1 lb. Earth & Sea Essential Salt per 130 lbs feed and/or free choice.
Chickens: 1 lb Earth & Sea Essential Salt per 200 lbs feed and/or free choice.


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