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Paxxin to help alleviate parvo-like symptoms
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If you have more than 3 medium sized puppies, you will need more than 1 oz.  of Paxxin. If more than 6 medium sized puppies, you will need more than 2 oz. of Paxxin.

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PAXXIN is an excellent natural herbal supplement remedy which helps many puppies overcome the deadly canine Parvo Virus.

Success has been reported with other similar ailments such as corona virus, distemper, vomiting, diarrhea, e-coli, giardia, and colic. Paxxin is most often used to prevent or treat puppies or dogs, but also has great success helping heal raccoons with parvo.

Paxxin is designed to help your pet overcome:

bullet Tonifying to tissues
bullet Vomiting
bullet Diarrhea
bullet Bloody diarrhea
bullet Loss of appetite
bullet Lethargy
bullet Boost the immune system
bullet Malaise
bullet Fever
bullet Dehydration
bullet Low white blood cell count
bullet General and nonspecific gastrointestinal problems

bullet Ease travel discomfort.
bullet Bloat
bullet Gas
bullet High in natural vitamin C and other important antioxidants for fighting off acute health situations.
bullet Especially healing and soothing to the digestive system and mucous membranes.
bullet Vomiting and diarrhea caused by environment changes.
bullet Vomiting and diarrhea caused by changes in diet.

See our "Healing Parvo with Paxxin" page for specific information on how to use Paxxin in conjunction with other healing aids to improve your pet's health. Vibactra Plus is a natural antibiotics can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and single celled organisms and works with Paxxin for healing. We recommend using both for a better outcome for your pet.

Research Supporting the herbs in Paxxin:

For more information click on the following link: Healing Parvo with Paxxin

Product Information


Active Ingredients per ml of Paxxin for Canines only:
Proprietary Blend of Colloidal Silver 3, Chamomile Flowers 1,3, Yarrow 1,3, Plantain Leaf 1,3,4) 98 mg
Rosehip Fruit 1, 3, 4 19 mg
Echinacea 1, 3 12 mg
Garlic 1, 3*See Below 12 mg
Goldenseal Root 1, 3 12 mg
Oregon Grape Root 2, 3, 411 mg
Peppermint Leaf1, 3, 48 mg
Spearmint Leaf 1, 3, 48 mg
Hibiscus Flower 1, 3, 45 mg

Inactive Ingredients:
Filtered Water, Grain Alcohol1, 3 USP 17% by volume.
1-Organic 2-Wildcrafted 3-Non-GMO 4-Kosher

Directions for Use
Using Paxxin

Paxxin is a natural organic herbal remedy which may work on microbial infections of the intestinal tract. Paxxin may be useful in easing vomiting and diarrhea in animals, especially in cases where the canine has contracted the Parvo virus. Paxxin may also help boost the dog's immune system and soothe the digestive tract. Paxxin has mild antiviral properties to help a parvo puppy overcome the canine parvo virus.

Paxxin is a combination of certified organic herbs in an alcohol base. One bottle of Paxxin will treat approximately 2-3 medium sized parvo puppies. Paxxin has a shelf life of 4 years (longer if kept cool).

Animal Weight Drops ml/cc Oat Water*
or Electrolytes
# of Servings
per 1oz. Bottle
under 3 lbs. 2 0.06 ml/cc 1 tsp 493
3 to 10 lbs. 5 0.15 ml/cc 2 tsp 197
11 to 25 lbs. 10 0.30 ml/cc 1 Tbsp 99
26 to 80 lbs. 13 0.40 ml/cc 2 Tbsp 74
81 to 150 lbs. 15 0.45 ml/cc 3 Tbsp 66
151 to 250 lbs. 20 0.60 ml/cc 4 Tbsp 49
Suggested Use for larger animals such as horses, elephants, giraffes, etc.:

For pets over 251 lbs, add 5 drops for every additional 100 lbs of body weight.

General Use:

Give orally 3 to 4 times daily.

For use with pets 6 weeks or older. Not recommended for use with pets under 6 weeks old. If younger than six weeks, you may dose the mom and the babies will get the benefits of the product via nursing.

Suggested Use for Treating Parvo:

Select proper dosage of Paxxin and electrolyte fluid (such as Pedialyte) from the chart above. Administer this dose directly in the puppy's mouth every 15 minutes for the first hour.

Remaining doses:

Continue giving the same quantity of Paxxin as first dose with the corresponding quantity of water or Pedialyte/electrolyte fluid. Place the Paxxin water or Pedialyte/electrolyte fluid mixture directly into the puppy's mouth every hour on the hour, until the puppy is eating and consuming fluids on its own and able to hold food down for 6 hours. Then dose just the oral drops of Paxxin (based on the puppy's weight per the chart above), 4x/day for 2 additional days to help prevent the puppy from relapsing.

Suggestion for just chemically wormed or vaccinated puppies:

Puppies who were vaccinated and/or chemically wormed within 14 days of coming down with parvo benefit from giving the Life Cell Support to help flush the toxins from the chemical wormer and/or vaccinations out of their bodies.

Suggested Preventative Use:

Paxxin can be used prophylactically to prevent parvovirus. Dose with just the oral drops of Paxxin per the chart above, to puppies who have been exposed to the parvo virus. Dose orally 4x/day for 5 days to ALL puppies who have been exposed to the parvo virus and are not currently exhibiting any symptoms of parvo to help prevent them from coming down with parvo AND dose orally 2x/day for 5 days with Vibactra Plus. Dosed prophylactically as soon as you know your puppy has been exposed to the parvovirus these natural remedies help prevent MAJORITY of exposed puppies from exhibiting any parvo virus symptoms. If a puppy starts to exhibit symptoms of parvo, then begin immediate treatment per the information above.

If there are other dogs that have had Parvo on the premises recently, continue preventative treatment with Paxxin once a day for 6 weeks (parvo puppies shed the virus for 6 weeks). Do a thorough cleaning then discontinue use.

When you bring your dog onto Parvo exposed property, wait 2 days. Then give Paxxin 4 times a day for 5 days to help prevent your puppy from coming down with parvo. It is best to give Vibactra Plus twice a day for 5 days in conjunction with Paxxin.

Suggested Veterinarian Use:

If puppy is on IV fluid give 4 times the recommended dose of Paxxin orally every 4 hours. Do not follow with fluid (some fluid to wash down the flavor is OK). Give full amount of IV fluid. Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (only 2 times/day if giving other antibiotics).
Reduce the drip by half and give half the amount of Pedialyte with the hourly dose of Paxxin (single dose). Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (2 times if giving other antibiotics).

If puppy is on Sub Q fluid reduce the Sub Q by half and give half the amount of Pedialyte with the hourly dose of Paxxin (single dose). Give the Vibactra Plus 4 times a day (2 times if giving other antibiotics).

Success has been reported when using Paxxin in conjunction with vet hospital treatment. Even when the vet was previously recommending euthanizing a parvo puppy after numerous days on IV's with no improvement. Paxxin has helped most of these parvo puppies treated in the vet hospital start eating within 12-24 hours of oral Paxxin dosing.

F-Strain Parvo Virus

If your canine has the F-Strain Parvo Virus or if you are giving it PAXXIN and it seems to get better then has a relapse, take immediate action Do NOT Delay.

To treat the F-Strain Parvo Virus you must first recognize the symptoms. They are:

  1. Stools have a gelatin like appearance with little or no blood.
  2. Vomiting is frothy bile.
  3. There are massive amounts of fluid loss. Getting thinner in a short period of time.
  4. Your animal is lethargic.
  5. Testing positive for Parvo.

The F-Strain is more deadly than the other type of Parvo and needs to be treated more aggressively. From the time symptoms appear to the time of death can be as little as six hours. Fluids and electrolytes must be given to offset what the dog is losing.

If you suspect your dog has the F-Strain and would like to use our treatment plan you must do the following steps.

  1. Get a test from the veterinarian to be sure it is Parvo.
  2. Have the vet give your dog a penicillin shot or better yet, use Vibactra Plus per instructions.
  3. Give the dog Paxxin according to instructions until the dog wants to eat.
  4. If the dog has a relapse after eating food you must stop feeding it and give it an enema following these steps.
  5. For a puppy or small dog use a syringe. For a medium to large dog use an infant enema bottle. Lube the tip with KY jelly or Vaseline.
  6. Fill the syringe/bottle with Pedialyte and Paxxin drops according to size.
    with Parvo
    Animal Weight Pedialyte/Water PAXXIN
    Under 3 lbs. 1 tsp. 2 drops or .06 ml/cc
    3 - 10 lbs. 2 tsp. 5 drops or .15 ml/cc
    11 - 20 lbs. 1 tbsp. 10 drops or .3 ml/cc
    21 - 30 lbs. 2 tbsp. 15 drops or .45 ml/cc
    31 - 40 lbs. 3 tbsp. 20 drops or .6 ml/cc
    41 to 50lbs. 4 tbsp. 25 drops or .75 ml/cc
    More than 50 lbs. Add 1 tbsp. for every additional 10 lbs. Add .15 ml/cc for every 100 lbs.

    1. Place the dog in the tub and administer the solution SLOWLY.
    2. Hold the buttocks together for at least two minutes.
    3. Release the buttocks and let the water out.

    There may or may not be much water released from the dog. The colon may absorb all of it so don't worry if it does. You may have to repeat this in another two hours if there is not much improvement.

    As with any gastro-intestinal disease first foods should be bland and easy to digest. We suggest you start with bouillon first then go to baby food, such as rice and lamb or rice and beef.

    Although there is no guarantee that your dog will survive, if you follow these steps it will have a better chance.

Other Uses for Paxxin
Paxxin other uses:
  • Paxxin helps build the immune system (especially good for puppies who are weaning from their mother). In this situation you can give Paxxin once a day. **We use it when bottle feeding goat kids, 10 to 15 drops in each bottle feeding prevents any upset tummies, bloating, or scouring.
  • Paxxin can help stop vomiting and diarrhea associated with environment changes.
  • Paxxin can stop vomiting and diarrhea caused by changes in diet.
  • Paxxin can help stop bloody diarrhea.
  • Paxxin can help increase white blood cell count which helps prevent the need for blood or plasma transfusions.
  • Paxxin can help ease fever.
  • Paxxin combined with Pedialyte or electrolyte fluid can help prevent dehydration.
  • Paxxin can ease travel discomfort.
  • Paxxin can alleviate gas and gas bloat/colic.
  • Paxxin can help increase appetite.
  • Paxxin can help bad breath.
  • Paxxin is excellent for baby animals that fail to thrive - puppies, kids, foals, etc.
  • Aid in uncomfortability of symptoms of Giardia and Coccidia, along with Vibactra Plus.

Paxxin is excellent to use for any intestinal distress, though it will NOT heal impaction colic or bloat, though Paxxin is great for gas bloat or colic. Otherwise, Paxxin works great for people, horses, dogs, raccoons, birds, ferrets, elephants, and all other animals EXCEPT kitty cats.

This formula can also be used as a preventative to stimulate and support the immune system when a dog may have been exposed to any health threatening condition (rather like an all natural & (herbal immunization).

According to studies, nine times out of ten, if Paxxin is given early enough (before symptoms start) your puppy may not come down with the illness. Paxxin has an 85% success rate. It takes an average of 2 days to overcome the illness once the puppy is started on the Paxxin There have been no reported health problems with a puppy that has had Parvo and taken Paxxin .

The herbs in this formula are known to help:

  • Soothe and heal the digestive system
  • Stimulate Appetite
  • Calm the nervous system
  • Soothe stomach pain
  • Gentle sedative
  • Tissue healing
  • Lubricate, soothe, and protect internal mucous membranes
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Stimulate immune system
  • Raise white blood cell levels
  • Heal the gall bladder and kidneys
  • Has Antioxidants
  • Antimicrobial; kills viruses and bacteria

Caution: Safe use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding has not been proven. If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

Warning: Not recommended for use with pets under 6 weeks old. If younger than six weeks, you may dose the mom and the babies will get the benefits of the product via nursing. For animal use only. Keep out of reach of children and other animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. This product contains Hydrastis (Goldenseal. It is NOT recommended for pregnany animals. Do NOT give to cats. Do NOT give to animals with an existing pancreas or liver problem. Do NOT use on animals that have a sensitivity to ragweed.

Paxxin Should Not Be Used With These Amber Naturalz Products:



Click here for Paxxin Product Pamphlet
Click here for Amber Naturalz Herbal Tinctures Pamphlet

Treating More Than One Pet?

Amber Glass Bottles ~ If you have more than one pet that you are treating, you might want to consider purchasing one or more amber glass 1/2 oz., 1 oz., or 4 oz. dropper bottles, so you can split up the tincture into a smaller bottle. That way there is less chance of product contamination.

In addition, when treating more than one pet, it may be necessary to assure sterile administration without carry over from pet to pet. This is very important when using Paxxin to treat some pups and using as a preventative for others. The best way to assure this is to use the dropper only to transfer product to an individual sterile oral syringe, using a different syringe for each pet. (This method will also reduce the chances of product contamination.) Those syringes should be sterilized after each use. Each pet should have its own syringe that is not shared with another pet.

The use of a syringe containing measured drops from the dropper will also remove the risk of the animal biting the glass dropper.

These are terrific for storing dried herbs, tinctures, colloidal silver, etc. All are boston rounds and have black plastic phenolic lids, unless noted. The misters are fabulous and deliver a very light and delicate mist. Excellent for misting the face or for animals who are shy of sprayers. The cute little 1/2 oz. droppers are perfect for splitting 1 oz. tincture bottles into two separate bottles.

Syringes ~ these are luer slip syringes without needles that are excellent for administering measured amounts of Paxxin, CS, tinctures, etc. Reinforced tip, large finger grips, smooth draw and easy-to-read graduations. Rubber plunger with double contact for a positive seal and effortless injection. FDA approved and autoclavable.

If purchasing for use with Paxxin, syringe size needed is based on the weight of the puppy. We suggest two syringes, one for oral doses and one for enema doses (if not being given Sub Q fluids or on IV's, enemas are or may be necessary to prevent dehydration). Make sure to mark the enema syringe clearly, as you never want to accidentally use an enema syringe for an oral dose, even after it's been washed, as you can reinfect a puppy with parvo.

Puppies/kittens weighing under 3 pounds need 5 to 6 ml syringes. Animals weighing 3-10 pounds need 12 ml syringes. Puppies weighing 11-20 pounds need 20 ml syringes. Puppies weighing 21-40 pounds need 50 ml syringes. Puppies 41-50 pounds need 60 ml syringes.


The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

LaDawn B., Testimonial I am sending this email to let you know how well our dog has bounced back after being diagnosed with parvo. Ive sent a couple of emails updating our progress. She is now eating, drinking, playing, going normal pottys:) and everything else a nine month old chihuahua/jack russel mix should be doing, bouncing off the walls! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! That is all I can say to you! We don't have to bury this precious dog who we got on Halloween day. She weighs a total of 4.5 lbs. and is a bundle of energy now. You would never know that last Friday she couldn't even lift her head. I will recommend this program to everyone I know, it truly is a miracle worker. Honestly, prior to me getting the Parvaid (Paxxin)and Vibactra Plus, we had to use the emergency tea for two days. As a result of just the tea, she was eating and drinking normally. The Parvaid and Vibactra has been the proverbial icing on the cake. My husband and I followed the directions for the tea and the Parvaid to a tee, and its paid off! Anything I can do to help, such as promoting this product, and the tea!, let me know. Sincerely, --- LaDawn B.

AbbeyTonya, Testimonial Good morning, Julie! Abby continues to thrive. Her appetite is ravenous. She's back fully on her raw diet as of Saturday morning (Friday night she ate cooked chicken). She ate three full meals yesterday and woke up this morning starving. She ate breakfast heartily.

I gave her the Parvaid through last night. I actually left the house this morning and forgot to give it to her. I had planned to give it to her one more day, even though as of yesterday it was two full days after she started eating.

I'm attaching a picture of Abby, along with me and my daughter. This was taken early Saturday afternoon, 3.5 days since her first symptom appeared and less than 48 hours after her diagnosis at the vet - and her most serious moments.
What a testimony to a healthy, natural lifestyle and alternative medicine. Parvaid will ALWAYS be recommended by me!!--- Tonya

Gerald B., Testimonial Julie, I can not express how much your help has meant to Chloe and my family....without your help our pup would probably be gone. Your willingness to help and answer my questions is not something you run accross much anymore.

If there is ever any way that I can repay your kindness ...all you have to do is to ask.

Attached is a couple of pix and a small movie that I took today. Once again....THANKS!!!!! --- Gerald B.

milesJennifer, Testimonial Julie - this is my story of Miles and our ordeal. I sent this out to my family and close friends. I thought you might appreciate it as well. He is still doing great... but wants to eat all the time and, now, only chicken! Tomorrow I plan to begin to wean him back to his Oma's raw turkey & veg. food. He's something else! I can hardly believe how quickly has become himself again. What a blessing. Thank you! Jennifer G.

Subject: Miles survived... and so did I: Well ... the last 4 days were days from hell. I don't think I've ever been through anything quite like it. We almost lost our little Miles.

I noticed last Friday that Miles was not eating too well and he threw up in the morning. By Saturday, he wouldn't eat anything he usually would. I even made a special trip to the store to get something he would eat. He refused to eat all day and began throwing up during the night Sat. I thought he had food poisoning because he had gotten into the neighbor's garbage.

Sunday morning I decided to not go to church so I could watch him. He would hardly drink water - which I offered to him with extra nutrients in it. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work at Jo-ann's in the afternoon, so I left him alone. When I got home around 8 PM, I found him sleeping in the bottom of my closet and he looked almost dead. I called the Emergency Vet Clinic and they said to bring him in. I had no idea what was coming.

It took about 30-45 minutes to see the vet. She was very nice but suspected, from the symptoms, Canine Parvo Virus. She did the test first before telling me what that meant in detail. About 20 minutes later I found out that he could die pretty quickly. He was very dehydrated and the virus was attacking viciously. It is expensive to leave a pet in a place like this, but if I didn't he would most likely die before morning. I was alone, desperate to know what was best for him... as there was no guarantee from the vet that he would make it at all (about 50% of pups don't) - I was super concerned because it had been going on 3 days since he first showed symptoms.

Well, I left him there Sunday night and had to pick him by 7:30 the next morning to take to our regular vet. I got home about midnight and went online to a website that I had already ordered some other holistic products from for my dogs. They had a tremendous amount of info on parvo... plus they explained how to survive it with a natural product called Parvaid. I ordered it right then, requested overnight shipment (it was coming from CA). The next morning they had emailed me with an "emergency tea" recipe to begin immediately until the product arrived. The tea contained electrolytes, echinacea, camomille, peppermint, & garlic. I had to administer 1 T. every hour until the medicine came.

So, I picked Miles up from the Emergency Vet at 7 am, my vet didn't open until 9, and started the tea at 8:40 am. I went to my vet's later and he gave me Amoxicillan to prevent secondary infections and told me to keep him hydrated with the tea. As long as he kept it down, Miles would not need to be on an IV for hydration. I tried to show my vet the info on the Parvaid that was ordered, but he really didn't listen. So for over 24 hours I nursed Miles with syringes filled with the herbal tea & pedialyte and water with colloidal silver. Every 8 hours he recieved the antibiotic. All he did was sleep. He did not look well. He threw up after I got him home (about the 2nd hour of having the tea). Around 12:30 PM on Monday he went outside on his own, but snuck around to the back where Jack has a huge pile of yard debris in a fenced in area. I called him, but he wouldn't come out. I walked away for a few minutes to talk to my neighbor and when I came back, I could not see him any more. I hoped he had gone back in the house. I looked all over the house. Then all over the back yard again. Then I finally went into the debris area (scary) and could not see him. I was panicking. I became hysterical. No one was here to help me. I screamed and cried for him.

Finally I put on good shoes and went into the debris area another time - armed with a hoe (in case of snakes). Way down in the middle of the tangled brush and branches I saw him. I don't know if he couldn't get out or just wouldn't. It was like he was going go just lay there and die. This whole ordeal had been about 2 hours. I had to break the branches and pull them with the hoe to remove him, but I did it. I carried him in crying and hugging him.

I continued the routine the rest of the afternoon. He did drink water on his own after being outside so long in the heat. He slept continuously. It was a long night. I was exhaused - by now it was the 3rd night of dealing with him. At 10 am on Tues. the doorbell rang, and the package had arrived.

We now switched from tea and amoxicillan to Parvaid and Vibactra. The Parvaid had to be administered every hour until he began to eat & drink on his own - usually takes 12- 24 hours. After 7 hours, he was up and wanted to eat. I couldn't believe it. He was wagging his tail and had life in his eyes again. A real miracle!

It is now Wednesday, the 3rd day since the diagnosis, and he is so alive and so much a puppy again! My contact person with the Parvaid was an angel. She walked me through everything using email. She gladly answered all my questions and was so relieved when I told her how well he was doing already.

If you want to know about holistic methods to take care of your pet, check out: Wolfcreekranch and tell them "Miles" sent you! They are located in Lake Elsinore, CA and I hope to visit there the next time I go see Melody. Miles would have died without this protocol. I plan to give all the information to both my vet and the Emergency Vet, as well as the store I buy all my "natural" dog food from.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I really needed to tell everyone. I had really cried out to God on Sunday night for an answer. He gave it to me with the wonderful people at Wolf Creek Ranch. What a true blessing. I thank God for sparing Miles and teaching me something that can help others.

Have a wonderful day! --- Jennifer


Zach, Testimonial You may not remember me but about 9-10 months ago or so u helped me through the night to pretty much save my puppy Marley's life when he was very sick from parvo. just wanted to say thank you again and send you a picture of our healthy big boy Marley. Thanks again, --- Zach and Kate

Eve, Torque, KosBianca, Testimonial  I am writing to let you what a Godsend Parvaid has been, we first found out that our 6 month old pit bull, Eve, had contracted the parvo virus; naturally we rushed her to the vet to see what we could do to save her. He said that we leave her and pay $345 a night for four days to treat her but he couldn't guarantee that she would survive, so we had decided to go ahead and put her to sleep until my cousin came across your web site, we called to get some more information and who ever we spoke gave us the recipe for the home made tea to hold her off until the Parvaid arrived, needless to say that she didn't even need the actual Parvaid the homemade tea worked just well.

Several months later we bred Eve, she had 9 beautiful little pits, we kept one, and again our first fear seemed to be happening again, Torque too contracted the virus. We had the recipe for the homemade tea and when we were returned the Parvaid from a friend began to administer it to him. He is doing so well.

A year later Eve had puppies again and once more our fear was coming true, K'os (Chaos) had contracted the virus from playing in the park, but still we had the tea recipe and the Parvaid.

Today Eve, Torque, and K'os are doing very well and are as happy as ever, I thank you, the researchers, the scientists and whom ever had a part in finding this cure. Our family would not be the same if our beloved dogs weren't alive.

With great appreciation, We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you,--- Bianca, Steven, Nina & Joe with (dogs) Eve, Torque & K'os

LouAngela, Testimonial Julie, That email brings tears to my eyes. It's funny because I told my husband today we have to get a good photo of Lou and the kids to send you in the mail so you can always have it. I will always believe that Parvaid saved his life. I still believe he would have died Friday night had the Parvaid not arrived and the enemas started. It made all of the difference in the world. I actually took Lou to the vet on my lunch break today. The vet techs were floored when we walked in with him. They told me since April 1st in that office they've lost 19 dogs to Parvo. They have only seen 6 dogs diagnosed live and the other 5 were all hospitalized and didn't recover the way that Lou did. I told them all about Parvaid and everything that we did. Our vet wrote the name down and told me "He must not have had it that bad, I'm sure it wasn't the Parvaid that healed him." My husband told her Baloney! :) He was awful on Friday. He wouldn't even open his eyes. And today he's all over the house and all over us. I took a few photo's out back when I got home a bit ago. Lou was ready to go play with the kids so I snapped a few for you. Not that great but we haven't even unpacked all the way yet so our nice camera is yet to be found. After we moved in our shih tzu Darla was killed by our neighbor's pit bull. We got Princess and already had Lou. When he got sick I couldn't let him die. We couldn't go through that again. We're not even close to being over Darla's death. If it weren't for you and Parvaid I wouldn't be crying happy tears right now. So I hope you get this. This is our Lou. No where near skeletal or dehydrated looking now, playing with his ball and wanting LOTS OF FOOD! :) My son Max is 5 and my daughter Kaitlyn is 11. They are soooooo happy Lou is doing better. There are no words to express that at all!--- Angela

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