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The Egoscue Method

"Pain is the body's way of telling us "something is wrong" in the body and is asking for action to make it better."
"A Pain-free active lifestyle is not only possible, it is the way you should expect to feel and live."
~ Pete Egoscue, founder of the Egoscue Method

The Egoscue Method is simple and the results are remarkable. It is a unique and very effective program designed to treat musculoskeletal pain without drugs, surgery, or manipulation. Egoscue is a process which involves a series of stretches and gentle Egoscue-cises ("e-cises") designed specifically for each client. This process strengthens specific muscles and brings the body back to its proper alignment and functioning the way it was designed-pain free.

So WHAT is the Egoscue Method?

Since 1971, The Egoscue Method of postural alignment therapy has helped thousands of people free themselves of chronic pain. The Egoscue Method provides simple and effective pain relief for numerous ailments, such as: headaches, jaw pain, neck and back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, shoulder pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, knee and hip pain, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia, arthritis, tendonitis and many other types of joint pain.

The exercises emphasize the deeper muscles of the axial skeleton and pelvis as well as the more superficial muscles. They require no special equipment and are designed to strengthen the body functionally. The primary source of resistance is the person's body weight and the force of gravity. The Egoscue Method's therapists do not administer "hands on" therapy. The patient is instructed in a series of personalized exercises and then is expected to continue them on their own at home. Modifications are readily made whenever necessary. The home program prevents the patient from developing a dependency on someone else while pursuing their own well being. Instead, they assume responsibility for their own health. This is a major premise of The Egoscue Method.

The Egoscue Method has had enormous success in helping people overcome their physical ailments. It is a technique that is attractive to many people because it is a common sense approach to the human body. The individual can see and feel the physical changes that take place as a result of their efforts. Associated with that is an increased feeling of confidence that accompanies the improved health that he or she is responsible for. A major concern of health care today is that of reduced costs and prevention. Therapy requires no special equipment or dependency on anyone other than the client. Because Egoscue does not treat the symptom, but instead looks to restore optimum function to the body, the implications toward prevention are obvious and very serious.

Egoscue also serves athletes and individuals looking to strengthen their level of fitness while improving overall function with advanced e-cises, outdoor workout classes and a specialized training course called "the Patch". Egoscue is currently moving into working with young people in schools and sports organizations bringing this balanced approach to movement and exercise to their growing bodies. There are 25 Egoscue Method Clinics in the US, 1 in Mexico City, and 2 opening soon in Japan. Egoscue trains health practitioners offering various levels of education and training through their clinics and Egoscue University, which is located at Egoscue headquarters in San Diego, California

With the multitude of ways to get involved with Egoscue, any "body" will benefit from adding this holistic & effective method to their life. Spread the word, no longer does pain and limitation need to dictate one's life. Egoscue offers the opportunity to be pain free for life

Chris Kussoff
Clinic Director, Egoscue Therapist
Egoscue Method Clinic of Orange County

If you cannot start The Egoscue Method at a clinic near you right away, get started reading and implementing some of the e-cises in Pete Egoscue's books:

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