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Preventing & Healing Parvo With Paxaid (formerly Paxxin)

And Other All Natural Healing Aids

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PAXAID is a natural remedy designed to help your puppy overcome the canine Parvo Virus. The herbs in Paxaid help relieve vomiting, diarrhea, calm the tummy, coat and soothe the intestinal tract, stop bleeding, while supporting and strengthening the immune system. Paxaid is to best used with Pedialyte.

Paxaid is an excellent organic herbal preventative for parvo. Dose 2-15 drops of Paxaid as soon as you know a puppy has been exposed to parvovirus, 4x/day for 5 days, can help prevent the puppy from coming down with parvo symptoms. Give Paxaid in conjunction with the herbal remedy Vibactra Plus 2x/day for 5 days as well.

Everything you need for preventing and healing canine parvo virus is here. If you have questions or would like us to customize a parvo kit for your puppy, please call (951) 674~0921 or E-Mail us. We give Rescue, Shelter, and Sanctuary discounts to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. Call or E-Mail us for information.

The following items are recommended to be used in conjunction with Paxaid to help puppies heal.

  1. Pedialyte or other electrolyte fluid.
  2. Syringe(s): One to administer oral doses. One syringe in the event the puppy needs enema dosing.
  3. Vibactra Plus or Colloidal Silver are natural antibiotics that can kill viruses, bacteria, fungi, and single celled organisms.
  4. To help support the body's natural detoxification system add Life Cell Support.

If your puppy has parvo, it is best to obtain Paxaid as quickly as possible. To find a Paxaid retailer near you, click here: Paxaid Retailers. If you cannot find a retailer near you, please order below and after placing your order, you will be forwarded to our web page where you can download our parvo emergency tea recipe to help sustain your puppy until your order arrives.

You may want to purchase the Canine Health KitCanine Care Kit which consists of:

If your puppy was wormed within the past 10 days, you may need Adizone to help reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract and/or bowel, since the traditional wormers can cause excessive worm die off, which can cause inflammation and prevent recovery from the parvo virus.

Puppies who were vaccinated and/or wormed within 5 days of coming down with parvo would benefit most by giving Bentonite Clay orally and via enema to quickly draw the toxins from the vaccines and wormer out of the system. We highly recommend giving Animed MSM via enema every 8 hours, at double the recommended daily dose. In recently wormed or overly wormed/vaccinated cases, their intestines can literally swell shut, meaning they cannot keep any oral fluids down (some cases only 1 drop of oral fluid will send them into a vomiting fit) OR they aren't having good sized bowel movements 4 to 6 times/day OR they're having difficulty keeping both oral and enema fluids down/in. Expect a good sized bowel movement within 2 to 4 hours of dosing via enema. Note how much better the puppy feels after getting that yucky bowel movement out as well. We do NOT recommend giving the MSM orally as it is really nasty tasting (even we humans don't take MSM mixed with water it's too yucky) AND more importantly, it is more quickly absorbed via enema and does a much quicker job of alleviating inflammation when given via enema. Most cases won't need more than 2 doses before they are scarfing food and getting into normal healthy puppy trouble again. NOTE: Please make sure to immediately replace the lost bowel movement fluids to prevent dehydration.

If you see worms in your puppy's vomit or bowel movements DENatural Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth orally and via enema for one dose, then give orally once/day for a minimum of 30 days. We feed DE daily to all animals here for their healthful longevity. Worms can prevent recovery from parvo. We often get parvo cases that have been regularly wormed and the breeders have rotated the chemical wormers beginning as early as 2 weeks of age. We are finding the worms are developing immunity to the traditional chemical wormers (Pyrantel, Panacur, Strongid, Nemex, etc.) just the same as bacteria have developed immunity to the traditional antibiotics. NEVER chemically worm a puppy while it has parvo, as the chemical wormer permeates the intestinal tract since they are shedding the intestinal lining and 99% of the time a chemical wormer given while they have parvo will kill the puppy quickly. Food grade diatomaceous earth is safe to give to parvo puppies and VERY effective against all intestinal worms. We've never lost a parvo puppy when using DE to address those with worm loads.

If your puppy may be affected by the heart strain of parvo, give Hawthorn & Dandelion heart supportHawthorn & Dandelion 3 to 4 times/daily to help strengthen and support the heart. This "strain" of parvo is often caused by inappropriate treatment which leads to excessive strain on the heart. As noted in the above paragraph, IF your puppy has parvo and is NOT having at least 4 to 6 bowel movements per day, you need to give it Organic food grade diatomaceous earth orally and via enema for the first dose, then orally once/day for at least 30 days thereafter AND give one dose of 500 mg. of MSM via enema per instructions every 8 hours. These things will alleviate the strain on the puppy's heart.

Call us if you have questions about this product or any of our other fine products.

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