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Imutek Colostrum 5

Protect your health and fight back with ImuTek Colostrum - 5
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*Please Note: The capsules, 7 ounce and 24 ounce sizes of the Imutek colostrum is  human grade; the 5 pound size is pet grade.

  • The human grade colostrum is regulated by the FDA and the pet grade is regulated by the USDA
  • The human grade goes through a defatting process that the pet grade does not
  • IgG content of the human grade is 30%, the pet grade is 25%
  • FDA human colostrum total bacteria count 1000 CFU and mold 100 CFU (colony forming unit)
  • USDA for pet colostrum total bacteria count 50000 CFU and mold 50

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Protect your health and fight back with Imutek Colostrum-5. Colostrum is nature's first food provided at birth by female mammals. Often referred to as "life's perfect food," colostrum contains the perfect combination of immunoglobulins, growth factors, antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids to protect the body and promote healthy immune system function at birth.

As we age, the amount of immune and growth factors present in our bodies begins to decline and we may become more susceptible to fatigue, unwanted weight gain, loss of skin elasticity and loss of muscle tone. In addition, we may also become vulnerable to the many pollutants and allergens around us from our toxic environment.

Imutek Colostrum-5 adds back the powerful, natural antibodies and immune factors that promote healthy immune system function and play a key role in our everyday health:

bullet Boosts strength, stamina and lean muscle mass production
bullet Promotes healthy intestinal flora and supports the entire GI tract.
bullet Encourages cellular re-growth for healthy skin, bones, muscles, nerves and cartilage.

Use of bovine colostrum in medical treatment dates back thousands of years. Ayurvedic doctors have used it for physical and spiritual purposes for 6000 years. Bovine colostrum was used all around the world for immune problems, prior to the discovery of sulfa drugs and antibiotics. Countless scientific studies and human clinical trials worldwide have shown that bovine colostrum is safe and therapeutic.

Bovine Colostrum has shown to enhance the immune system and help in tissue repair. The growth factors, enzymes, immune factors, hormones, micronutrients contained in bovine colostrum is the reason it has such a potential for healing.

Bovine colostrum has been used to treat allergies, cancer, ulcerative colitis, diarrhea, poor wound healing, hepatitis C, bacterial and viral infections, multiple sclerosis, obesity and peptic ulcers. One study in rats showed that it reduced ulceration secondary to NSAID administration by 60%.

90% of all toxins, bacteria, virus and fungi enter the body though the gut, it only makes sense that we should concentrate our effort in this system. Bovine colostrum facilitates the balancing of the intestinal flora, stabilizes the immune status of the gut and aids in digestion.

Imutek Colostrum-5 Capsules and Powder contain the finest colostrum available on the market today. It is pure 100% all natural bovine colostrum, certified harvested within the first 5 hours of milking from US Grade A Dairies. Imutek Colostrum-5 contains no hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or rBST.

Imutek sources colostrum from US Grade A dairies only. This ensures that the cows are healthy and well-cared for. Grade A dairy herds are monitored by the USDA and their facilities are tested regularly to ensure proper animal husbandry and sanitation. Imutek only purchases colostrum from herds that first supply newborn calves with enough colostrum to meet their needs. Imutek is a leader in research on bovine colostrum and participates in clinical trials through university medical schools.

Imutek Laboratories, Inc. is the leader in the collection, production and marketing of high quality bovine colostrum. Imutek is one of only three facilities licensed by the US Department of Agriculture for the production of bovine colostrum products.

Product Information


Imutek Colostrum is low heat processed and rigorously tested to ensure it maintains all the benefits of the IgG complex. Colostrum-5 is also free from pesticides, antibiotics and artificial hormones. After collection at the dairy, Imutek colostrum is frozen to protect proteins from heat and enzymatic degradation. Colostrum is then gently thawed and kept refrigerated during further processing. Raw colostrum is processed using several proprietary methods to remove all bacteria and viruses, yet retain the potency of the colostral proteins.

Imutek Colostrum-5 naturally contains immunoglobulins, IGF-1 growth factors, lactoferrin and other bioactive proteins known to support a healthy immune system. Colostrum-5 growth factors can also enhance stamina and help with the normal re-growth of tissue and muscle. Colostrum has been shown to kill bacteria and viral invaders. It can also help correct bowel dysfunction by stimulating tissue repair.

Components of Colostrum - 5
Immunoglobulin A
Immunoglobulin G (IgG)
Immunoglobulin M (IgM)
Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)
Cytokines Lactoferrin
Proline-rich Polypeptides (PRP)
Minerals and Vitamins

***Contains milk. This product contains NO yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, artificial preservatives, artificial flavoring, or genetically modified organisms (GMOs)***

Directions for Use

Adult use: 1 teaspoon (1/3rd scoop) once daily on empty stomach with 8 oz. of water or as directed by a health care professional.

Athletic use: 1 rounded scoop in protein drink, milk, or water. May also be mixed with other foods or beverages. Take 30 to 45 minutes before exercise.

Children (6-12 years) 1/3rd teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight mixed with beverage, placed directly in the mouth, or sprinkled on food.

Dogs & Cats: 1/3rd teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight mixed with beverage, placed directly in the mouth, or sprinkled on food.

Horses: 2/3rd tsp. per 250 lbs. of body weight.

Topical use: Apply powder directly to cuts, abrasions or irritable skin conditions. Apply directly to gums in cases of sensitive teeth and mouth sores. Double maintenance dose when dealing with dis-ease.

Most animals love this nutraceutical grade colostrum, so dispensing to them is easy without capsules. Humans, place desired amount under the tongue, wait 30 seconds, and follow with a glass of water. Terrific immune system enhancer/booster. Hormone, Pesticide, and Antibiotic Free.

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Bovine Colostrum, Nature's Forgotten Miracle, by Stephen Blake, DVM.

Comparative study on the use of Colostrum in treating deep wounds.

Here are some good books about the healing powers and health benefits of colostrum:


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