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Nature's Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray

formerly Garl-Or3 Yard & Garden Spray

Natures Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray non-toxic spray for the yard
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Nature's Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray (formerly Garl-Or3 Yard & Garden Spray) is an all-purpose 100% organic garlic based spray with citrus, citronella, and soap that helps it attach to leaves and grass that greatly eliminates or reduces insects. Nature's Bug Away insect control targets ants, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, aphids, beetles, and more. Ideal for use on plants, flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, lawns, and herbs.

Very effective during the warm weather months. Works best if sprayed before mosquitoes, flies, and fleas start laying eggs. When you spray your yard and garden with Nature's Bug Away, watch the bugs run away! They just don't like Nature's Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray

Use Nature's Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray monthly so you have no more flies, mosquitoes, ants, aphids, or fleas!

There is no odor left in the yard or garden, but for insects, one whiff of the Nature' Bug Away spray and insects leave in record number. Soft gentle rains will not stop Nature's Bug Away from working, but hard down pouring rain will wash away its effectiveness, so reapply after hard rainfall.

Can also be used to spray in barns, cages, animal pens, kennels, and stalls to greatly reduce flies and mosquitoes. Re-apply monthly in southern states and as often as may be needed February through October in the central and northern states.

Product Information


Garlic, citronella, orange peel, and soap.

Directions for Use

Shake Well before using. With a hose-end sprayer, mix 1 part Natures Bug Away Yard & Garden Spray to 8 parts water. Spray on lawn and garden. One 32 oz. bottle dilutes to 4.5 gallons. Treats 2.5 acres. 16 oz. bottle dilutes to 2.25 gallons and treats approximately 1.25 acres.

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