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Colloidal Silver
Effective Natural Immune Booster!

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COLLOIDAL SILVER aka CS or more appropriately called EIS - Electrically Isolated Silver is our preferred natural antibiotic of choice. Colloidal Silver is an effective natural immune booster. We use Colloidal Silver for any and all viral, bacterial, fungal, or single celled organism (protozoan) infections amongst our own 100 animal guardians and all incoming rescues and foster animals with excellent success. Colloidal silver is an effective natural antibiotic alternative that works for all beings - people, pets, animals, and plants.

COLLOIDAL SILVER tastes almost like pure water with just a slight minerally taste, so it is easily administered orally to rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, horses, birds, ferrets, people, and other beings. Colloidal silver can be administered orally, in the eyes (for eye allergies, conjunctivitis, keratitis, etc.), in the nose (for sinusitis), sprayed on wounds, it doesn't sting or burn, via IV, Subcue, in the ears, and nebulized into the lungs. There is no natural antibiotic alternative like it for ease of administration and effectiveness. And no traditional antibiotic comes close to the effectiveness of our Colloidal Silver - EIS.

COLLOIDAL SILVER (CS/EIS) is known to kill over 650 known pathogens - viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoan. Colloidal silver has been in use for thousands of years. Here are some links to information about the wonderful natural health benefits of colloidal silver:

bullet Colloidal Silver - Super Antibiotic Rediscovery
bullet Colloidal Silver

Our CS/EIS is 8 to 10 parts per million (ppm). This is pure electrically isolated silver and contains simply the purest distilled water and pure 99.99% silver. Our CS/EIS is clear in color, not yellow or darker colored as some inferior CS products are.

Product Information


Pure distilled water and 99.99% pure silver.

Directions for Use


Being Weight Drops/Teaspoons ML/CC
under 3 lbs. ½ dropper 0.60 ml/cc
3-10 lbs. ¼ tsp. 1.25 ml/cc
11-19 lbs. ½ tsp. 2.50 ml/cc
20-29 lbs. ¾ tsp. 3.75 ml/cc
30-39 lbs. 1 tsp. 5.00 ml/cc
40-69 lbs. 1.5 tsp. 7.50 ml/cc
70-89 lbs. 1.75 tsp. 8.75 ml/cc
90-109 lbs. 2 tsp. 10.00 ml/cc
110-149 lbs. 2.5 tsp. 12.50 ml/cc

**Suggested Use for larger beings: For beings 150+ lbs. Add ½ tsp. (2.5 cc/ml) for every 50 lbs. over 150.

Directions for Use: Shake product well before use. Do not exceed the recommended dose!

For Active Infection:** Dose 3-4 times daily as indicated in weight chart for active infection for up to 10 days. If infection has been resistant to other antibiotics, triple the initial first dose and then back off to maintenance dose below.

General: Give 3-4 times daily as needed up to 30 days.

Long term: give 1-2 times daily giving a 14 day break every 6 months.

**Our personal rule of thumb for active viral, bacterial, or fungal infection is to dose an initial high loading dose – twice the normal dose, then back off to a maintenance dose. IF the being is well after the first dose, we dose 2-3x/day for 1 to 2 more days then stop. We do not dose a full 10 day period unless dealing with a protozoan infection, as CS/EIS is needed in the body to address the protozoan hatching egg cycle for the full 10 day cycle. CS/EIS often stops the infection within a few days, so unless you are afraid the infection will return, you can stop dosing 2 days after symptoms have ceased or lessen the CS dose.

Colloidal Silver can be put in drinking water, at the above recommended dosage rates, however, remember to give the amount of water the animal will consume in one day. CS/EIS can change color when reacting to the minerals in city/well water.


Oral preventative dosing is given 2x/day. For example, one or two days prior to a show/outing, the day(s) of the show/outing, and 2 days after returning home or after exposure to possible disease.


Dose 1 teaspoon per cup of water daily for 10 days.


Surface scratches/wounds: Clean/wash affected area thoroughly to remove any debris. You can use water and/or CS to cleanse the area. Spray CS directly on the affected area(s) and allow to dry for 6 minutes. Do this 3-4x/day.

Deep wounds: Clean the wound with CS or a gentle soap and water, spray CS on the wound area and give CS orally 3-4x/day. We have had great success packing larger wounds with a good natural antibiotic powder or 100% New Zealand Colostrum powder to point of saturation. Do this 2-3x/day for maximum benefit. Do NOT apply Goldenseal powder to cats.

RECOMMENDED USE FOR FUNGAL INFECTIONS (i.e., ringworm, athletes foot):

Spray or soak affected paws/feet or other affected area with CS 3 to 4 times daily. Take orally as well 3 times daily to help force the infection out of the body.


Apply a few drops or lightly spray the affected ear(s) with CS 2-3x/day. Give CS/EIS orally 3x/day. CS is great to help prevent swimmer’s ear, if applied to each ear after swimming.


Using a light mist sprayer of CS or drop CS/EIS 3 times daily in affected eye(s). Give orally as well 3 times daily for a minimum of 3 days or longer until condition has cleared up.


Put CS/EIS into nebulizer cup. Use an ultrasonic or micro air nebulizer and nebulize for a minimum of 15-20 minutes 3+ times daily. Nebulize for a longer period of time, if possible for active asthma, bronchial, pneumonia, or respiratory anthrax symptoms. Give orally 4 times daily as well.


Keep CS in animals water bowl, so every time it drinks water, it is helping to address bacteria in the mouth. Spray / Mist CS on to pets teeth and lightly brush to help remove plaque. I mist the CS onto the pets teeth, then spray the pet tooth brush to get it wet and dip into NZ colostrum powder and brush. Canines love the taste of the colostrum, so willingly tolerate teeth brushing w/o harmful effects of some pet toothpastes on the market. The colostrum is good for gum health as well.


CS/EIS is a great non-toxic odorless household surface cleaner. Spray on kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, etc. Excellent for viral, bacterial, or fungal contamination in the home and on plants


Take CS orally 3-4x/day. Wash face with natural cleanser, pat dry, then mist CS on face and allow to dry 2-3x/day.


Caution: If animal's condition worsens or does not improve, stop product administration and consult your veterinarian. An examination from a veterinarian is recommended prior to using this product.

Warning: Keep out of reach of children and animals. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately.


Colloidal Silver Information BOOKS:

*Disclosure: Wolf Creek Ranch only recommends products that we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own.

You are free to consider purchase of the following items at any location, but these links have been provided to help ease your valuable time required to research these products and Amazon has lots of reviews to help you determine if a product is right for you and yours.

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The testimonials and reviews below are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your doctor or local veterinarian.

Jen P. Testimonial I spoke with you several weeks ago regarding my three sick ewes. Your help was invaluable and I am grateful. They have all recuperated! The vet and my shepherd friends are stumped as to how and why, after traditional antibiotics didn't work. I attribute their recovery to the use of herbs, colloidal silver and mega doses of the vitamin C. Many thanks, --- Jen P. - Blue Heron Farm

Jennifer H. Testimonial Best quality colloidal silver, really works! --- Jennifer H.

Editor Note Editor's Note: Sondra's young buckling got tetanus. After two rounds of traditional antibiotic injections and treatment, the buckling was not suckling, standing, walking, or eating. His jaw was clenched: Within two weeks of CS/MSM/DMSO & Vitamin C dosing, Sondra says:
"The little guy is now walking his back legs are real funny looking and splayed but getting better daily, he has gained 10 lb. since he started sucking again and today can lay down and get up on his own. He is still getting the CS/MSM/DMSO and VIT C. Thanks so much for all your help!!--- Sondra

Update from Sondra:
Within another week he was getting out of his sling and in 2 days had to go back outside. You would never ever know he had tetanus. Tis Amazing. even my hubby is impressed. Thanks for your help!--- Sondra

Sarah Q. Testimonial This has been the thing that is actually making a visible difference in our cat's healing. He has had a horrible infection on his paw for 2 1/2 months, and it wasn't until we started administering CS orally and topically to him, that we actually began to see improvement. Awesome stuff.... thank you so much. Respectfully, --- Sarah Q.

Bonnie G. Testimonial I am so amazed at the overnight improvement of my dog. I ordered the Colloidal Silver, used it one time internally and on his skin that had sore spots. The next morning it was ALL gone and his ears were not hot and red. ---Bonnie G.

Tinkerbell TestimonialRecently I noticed my cat limping. She'd just been granted access to all the fun of outdoors, so I thought maybe a sand spur was the problem. Instead I discovered she'd somehow torn about 1/3 of the pad off one of her front paws, exposing raw flesh. I ordered your Colloidal Silver, and all I can say is "WOW". First, it arrived less than 36 hrs. after I ordered it, and the results were nothing short of amazing. I dosed her internally and externally because she'd developed infection in the paw. Within 24 hrs. she'd almost completely lost her limp, and that infection smell had disappeared. By day 3 of treatment, her paw showed no raw, red flesh but already a thin layer of tough pad tissue. After a week, all that remained was a minutely thin line of a scab, full re-growth had occurred! Past experience with numerous pets had taught me with conventional treatment, a pad injury that severe took weeks and sometimes months, not to mention the cost of all those trips to the vet! I plan to phase out all conventional treatments and switch all my four-legged kids to your natural products now, and only wish I'd discovered you sooner! Sincerely, --- Mrs. Stephanie S. and Tinkerbell

Theresa T. Testimonial I just wanted to give you a follow-up to the Colloidal Silver treatment we gave our feral cat. The two abscesses on his haunches have healed. The huge abscess on his neck is greatly improved. Overall, he is a much better kitty! I do have one question: how much is too much? Knowing feral behavior, he could constantly show up with new wounds. I am singing you praises to all who want to listen! Sincerely, --- Theresa T.

Heather Testimonial I emailed you the below email way back in October and you emailed me back with colloidal silver dosages etc. and I would just like to say that it worked and cured Binks' feet! The vet was trying to persuade me to put him to sleep but i kept refusing, within 2 weeks of using your Colloidal Silver he was showing improvement and a month later was fully healed (well the abscesses were gone - had other things like warped hooves and shortened and stretched tendons to contend with next but we're getting there, he's now happy to walk on his feet and his legs where his tendons had shortened behind his knees from being on his knees so long are getting much straighter - still battling with getting his back stretched tendons and feet back in shape but I'm not far off it now). He's a much happier goat he even jumps up to bound after and play with the dogs! So i would just like to say thank you for your advice and the information you gave me - you saved Binks' life! Thanks again, --- Heather

Alexia M. Testimonial Colloidal Silver is the Best! It saved my Kitty many times and saved me $$$ from vet bills. --- Alexia M.

Glenis M., Testimonial Hi Julie,
Just wanted to thank you for all your help with my goat herd mastitis problem. They're finally all clear because of your Colloidal Silver!

You've taught me so much and I really appreciate all of the time you took to assist me.

Happy Spring Kidding! Wishing you doe kids,--- Glenis M.

Susan S., Testimonial Company is great. I have many animals and I will never be without colloidal silver.--- Susan S.

Note: Jitters is a 150-pound, diabetic, completely blind 10-year-old Rottweiler/Doberman. Jitters "mom" contacted us originally stating: "Over the past 3 years, he has developed a round-shaped thick-skinned lesion on his outer hind leg, just above the knee. It is approximately 3"x2". When it first appeared, it was small and had a center. I thought perhaps he had a foreign body of some kind in it...a small thorn, etc. However, it healed over and just gradually grew larger." Jitters never seemed to be suffering any pain in this area, and the vet never seemed too overly concerned. Occasionally the area would weep. When she contacted us, the area had started weeping a lot, Jitters seemed to be in pain and the swelling had increased. We advised Jitters "mom" to use Colloidal Silver, 100% MSM and the DMSO. This is her response back to us within 2 days of receiving the products.

Janet W. Testimonial2 Hi Julie!
Thank you for all your help!!! Jitters is doing 100 times better. The leg opened up in several places and weeped out a lot of nasty fluid. As you mentioned happened with your dog, one hole would open and weep, then another and another. Finally, as of yesterday, there was only one...the one that had been the source of the most fluid. A couple small ones opened late last night as well.

By the time everything arrived Wednesday, his leg was swollen all the way down to the foot. The swelling began to go down yesterday, and this afternoon is almost gone! Jitters is walking a lot better, seems to be in no distress at all, and overall is doing terrifically well, I think!

I am continuing with the colloidal silver, MSM and DMSO. I'm giving the colloidal silver orally as well as applying topically. I gave him the MSM night before last when he seemed to be having some pain, and it apparently helped and he slept through the night. He doesn't like the DMSO, and after I apply it, he avoids me as if to say, "stop that!" I'm using it nonetheless, although I'm also spraying the colloidal silver several times a day without the DMSO or MSM.

I'm assuming I should continue doing all this until he is completely better. The wound/abscess itself, which at one point was puffed up to almost 3/4" high, is now almost flat. There has been a lot of "stuff" coming out with the fluid, so I'm hoping whatever the foreign object, if there was one (likely) has broken up or been dissolved and has come out.

I am so impressed that all this worked so quickly! I know my husband was leery, but he's changed that attitude now.

Thanks again for all your help. Without you, I'd have been lost, and I fear Jitters wouldn't have come out well.

Take good care,--- Janet W. who will be asking for more advice on other matters in the near future, I'm sure!

Janet W. Testimonial This helped me this month when i had a molar extracted to help heal my gum area.--- Susan H.

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