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Amber Naturalz Catalog
Formerly Amber Technology
Same GREAT pet care products that everyone loves... just a new name.

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Amber NaturalZ, (formerly Amber Technology) believes that you should never have to compromise health and wellness when it comes to your pets. Pet care products or animal health products should always be quality products you can trust. Amber Naturalz never uses artificial colors or dyes, herbs from GMO seeds, or artificial flavorings. Every Amber Naturalz product we produced comes from certified premium organic, wildcrafted, kosher, Non-GMO herbs that the earth has provided. Amber Naturalz does not believe in altering (degrading) their products to make them taste better for a simple sale. Amber Naturalz products are designed the way Mother Nature intended for our animals in time of caring and need.

Amber Naturalz offers a broad selection of carefully manufactured and peer-reviewed pet care products. All available online and shipped right to your door. With over 30 products Amber Naturalz makes it easy for you, the customer, to make a choice you can trust.

Amber Naturalz has been serving the pet industry since 1997 and has gone through years of radical transformations. However, there is one thing that will always stay the same, that your animal’s health is a importat. Because they (and we at Wolf Creek Ranch) know the impact that animals have on our lives today, it's important to keep them healthy. That’s why Amber Naturalz products will always be quality products people can trust.

Please visit our Retailer Location webpage to find a retailer near you. Please call them first, as they may not carry the product you need.

Adizone & Adizone C achdes & discomfort support

Adizone & Adizone C

See Details

Black Walnut promotes the body’s innate resistance to pathogens, rich in iodine.

Black Walnut

See Details

Canine-DT Neurological Support

Canine DT

See Details

Canine Care Kit - products to support the normal functions of the body

Canine Health Care Kit

See Details

Carticil Plus – A powerful multi-system support for dogs & cats.

Carticil Plus

See Details

CATIZOL – A powerful aches & comfort formula for cats.


See Details

CLOVES- A safe & reliable multi-system support for dogs & cats.


See Details

DermaNERV - Aids the body to naturally calm nervousness & hyperactivity.


See Details

A combination of products designed to support your feline's total health.

Feline Care Kit

See Details

Graviola promotes healthy cell functions, immune functions, and calms the body.


See details

Hawthorn & Dandelion heart care formula you can trust.

Hawthorn & Dandelion

See Details

HWF – A safe and powerful Clean Heart for dogs.

HWF aka Heartworm Free

See Details

INTERNAL GOLD DETOX KIT- Safe & affordable liver & kidney cleanse.

Internal Gold Detox Kit

See Details

Jatoba assists the body’s natural ability in removing unwanted yeast


See Details

Jergon Sacha promotes healthy cells and immune functions,

Jergon Sacha

See Details

Kidney Rejuvenator – Safe & reliable kidney health for pets.

Kidney Rejuvenator

See Details

A combination of products designed to support your pet’s health.

Kitten Health Care Kit

See Details

KITTY DT- A powerful digestive rescue formula for cats.

Kitty DT

See Details

KOCHI FREE – Supports & maintains gastrointestinal health.

Kochi Free

See Details

LIFE CELL SUPPORT – A powerful liver support formula for pets.

Life Cell Support

See Details

Milk Thistle - has special antioxidants promoting liver health

Milk Thistle

See details

NumoCARE for dogs and NumoCARE-C For Cats- supports your normal lung function.

Numo Care

See Details

OTAXIUM DROPS- A safe & reliable ear care for pets.


See Details

PAXAID – A Safe And Affordable Digestive Rescue For Dogs & Puppies.

Paxaid (formerly Paxxin)

See Details

Peritan FP provides antioxidant support and helps maintain normal immunity.

Peritan FP

See Details

Pets Skin Cream is designed to ease occasional topical discomfort.

Pet's Skin Cream

See Details

Helps with occasional discomfort in canines associated with daily activities.


See Details

Pets C&C antioxidant support to support normal functions of the 
			respiratory tract.

Pets C&C (formerly Vintesta)

See Details

ProTummy supports the normal functions of the gastrointestinal tract.


See Details

Puppy Care Kit - products to support the normal functions of the body.

Puppy Care Kit

See Details

PYNTRIL- A safe & organic solution to inner peace & a calm mind.


See Details

Reptaid natural blend may support immunity for reptiles 250 grams or less.


See Details

Reptaid XL natural immunity support for reptiles weighing 250 grams or more.

Reptaid XL

See Details

Made for senior dogs, contains products that help maintain physical and mental well being of your older canine.

Senior Vitality Kit

See Details

Tossa K may help to support normal respiratory functions and immunity.

Tossa K

See Details

Tumoxil may help support bodily functions, aids in detoxing toxins that appear under the skin.


See Details

VIBACTRA- a powerful safe immune support for pets.


See Details

VIBACTRA PLUS- A safe and powerful immune support for pets.

Vibactra - Plus

See Details

VIPARABAC PLUS- A safe and powerful immune support for humans.

Viparabac Plus

See Details

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