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Wolf Creek Ranch Organics ~ Natural Health Products for Pets, Plants & People

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About Wolf Creek Ranch

Thank you for joining us here at Wolf Creek Ranch Organics!

Natural methods of caring for our animal companions, our gardens and ourselves work fabulously and help bring optimum health to all beings without toxic chemicals. We are constantly learning and avidly devoted to natural remedies that keep all beings happy, healthy, and sharing their wonderful lives with us for as long as possible.

Ambassador Journey
Welcome to Wolf Creek Ranch

In the 1990’s, traditional veterinary methods of disease prevention, treatment, insect control, etc. had failed us “too many” times, at great expense to the being's health and our pocket book. It is our goal to maintain superior quality natural health for all beings here and to offer alternatives for those choosing to research alternative health and healing methods. Many holistic products we sell are hard to obtain at local feed, pet, and health food stores, which is why we have many HERBAL RETAIL STORES and FOOD GRADE DE RETAIL STORES MAP.

What the Animals Tell Us

Since 2000, we have been distributing, manufacturing, and developing effective natural organic pet health care products to our online customers and retailers. The products we carry are those we personally use amongst our animals and ourselves. We have a variety of healthy, natural, and organic supplements, and immune system boosters as well as holistic herbal remedies. These natural pet health products are extremely effective for dogs, cats, rabbits, reptiles, birds, horses, goats, guinea pigs, and all other animals.

Our introduction to natural healing was through a litter of rescue puppies that contracted parvo. The only option the local vet gave me was to have them euthanized or pay $7200 for his 80/20 success rate. I searched the internet and found a natural product. The only reseller in CA was a 5 hour round-trip drive. We arrived at the retailer’s home at midnight, purchased the product, and immediately drove home and started treating the puppies, saving the remaining 5 puppies, as the vet had already euthanized one and our 90 lb. completely vaccinated Great Pyr rescue died from it. It saved their lives and ours! We began soliciting retailers to give pet owners a greater chance of obtaining the products quickly and easily. We now distribute these excellent products to over 300 retailers in the southwest US. And we’ve taken in over 50 parvo puppies people have brought us to help them heal with these exceptional natural remedies and all, except 1, went back to their homes or rescues within 48 hours of arrival here, happy, healthy, and parvo free, even after numerous days and thousands of dollars at the traditional vet couldn’t heal them.

This experience led us to research and try other natural products, such as Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for worming, Thorvin Kelp for immune system support, Redmond Salt for minerals. We began researching and testing these products on our rescue and foster animals and began noticing a huge difference in their overall health. To this day, all products that we offer have been tested on our own animals, our rescues, (wolfdogs, dogs, cats, goats, llamas, chickens, pigs, ducks, rabbits) our families and/or ourselves, before we consider selling them from our site. If a natural product we tried/try on the rescue animals here was/is not effective, we trash it and do not sell it. There have been plenty of natural products that failed the Wolf Creek Ranch animals testing and did not get their seal of approval for effectiveness, so we don’t use or offer these products! We only use and sell, that which the animals have shown us to be effective 99+% of the time, if used as directed.

Products that we have formulated, such as the Mange-Parasite Oil, would not be in existence, if it were not for our rescue animals. 24 underweight rescue rabbits came to us complete with horrible ear mites that left ½” thick scabs all the way down their ears; a friend of a friend raising hogs on the property had a few that got mange; new rescue llamas arrived with abalone crusty shell mange on their backs and had been treated numerous times with Ivermectin and Sevin dust to no avail prior to their arrival on the ranch. We knew with their poor health status, the chemical mange products would be detrimental to their health and hadn’t previously worked for the previous owner anyways. Unable to find any natural online products (early 2000’s), we researched and formulated our own effective certified organic Mange Parasite Oil. This started to work immediately in all cases without poisoning the immune system of the animals.

My 15 year old right arm companion started to get cataracts. It took me over a month to find something natural like Pet Vision that I thought would work to eliminate the cataracts. By the time Pet Vision arrived in my mail box, my companion’s eyes were cloudy white that covered over half of both eyes. First dose of Pet Vision 2 drops in each eye, he was not thrilled about. I tested in my own eyes and found it burns for 15 seconds or so. The next day’s doses were much easier to administer as my companion realized he could already see better. No other possible explanation for why he sat still to tolerate the eye drops. In less than one week ALL of the white cloudiness in his eyes was gone and his activity level soared as he was now able to see clearly! I couldn’t have been happier and neither could he. I continued per the instructions to dose 3x/day for a full 30 days and then preventatively every 6 months, until he passed away peacefully of old age and clear eyes at 17 years. I am certain this extended his healthful life, as having good vision is essential to all of us and our activity levels.

Every organic product we carry is because the animals here showed us the products worked excellently. We are not your standard retail store that just sells products on a shelf, we have experience with the products and using them with the animals, who have been/are our guides to product selection and creation. They are the wonderful beings who started and maintain Wolf Creek Ranch. We wouldn’t be in this business without them.

It has been our experience for over 20 years now, that all beings, whether human, plant, or animal, retain better health when raised holistically, with naturally supplements, and natural remedies when needed.

The Ranch

We live on acreage in Southern California. Solar power is our sole source of electricity. Luckily, So. Cal has tons of sunshine to keep the solar panels happy and our electrical needs met. Wood burner stoves provide the main heat sources in both the main house and cottage. We only utilize holistic methods in the treatment of plants, trees, animals, and humans. We have found that natural remedies are far superior to traditional methods. As such, we only use natural remedies.

All birds: geese, ducks, chickens, peafowl, guineas, etc. provide some weed control, as well as very effective bug control. The country cats keep the mice, rats, gophers, and cotton tail bunnies at bay. We have many predators here, i.e., mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, foxes, feral dogs, owls, hawks, etc., but we have found great protection with Great Pyrenees rescue livestock guardian dogs and llamas. We have lots of fruit and nut trees and organic veggie/fruit/herb gardens that are almost providing for all of our produce needs. We utilize all livestock, rabbit, and bird manures for our composting.

We are the home of Whispering Winds Wholistic Animal Sanctuary. This is an all animal rescue, research, development, and rehab facility. We utilize natural rearing methods in raising all animals here. No prepackaged feeds (i.e., dog food, cat food, goat mix, etc.) are used. We have found, by and large, holistic methods of insect control, parasite control, and alternative natural remedies, to be much more effective and healthier for all concerned versus toxic traditional methods of treatment.

We recycle all recyclable materials. This means, if we have a used box that your order will fit in, we will ship it in that box to save a tree. Some of our packing materials are shredded paper, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, etc. - making use of it a 2nd time, instead of throwing the paper away. Our planet is important to all of us! Keeping Mother Earth healthy is optimum for everyone.

This site is dedicated to all animals and their guardians. Whether you are here to find information and links to research holistic methods or just browsing, please feel free to linger as long as you wish. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us. We would be happy to assist in any way we can. May you and yours be in good health always.


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