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All manx, bob-tailed, part-tailed, poly-manx & polydactyl country cats are holistically raised. No chemicals or processed feeds are utilized. All cats are kept naturally healthy with natural species appropriate nutrition, outdoor sunshine, exercise, natural worming herbs and foods when/if needed, and quality care.

We do NOT ship any animals, so please do not ask. All must be picked up from Wolf Creek Ranch in southern California.Manx

We presently have a waiting list for our outdoor, buff, manx, and polydactyl country cats and kittens. These cats do NOT resemble house cats and many, such as ourselves, love the contrast in size and robust health of our outdoor menagerie. These country cats are able to leap coyotes and bobcats in a single bound and are saavy to owls, hawks, and rattlesnakes. These manx and polydactyl cats/kittens are not registered.

If you are interested in purchasing a manx or polydactyl cat or kitten, please E-Mail Us and we will send photos and put you on our waiting list. Please note, we have a waiting list. Many who have purchased our manx previously, want more, so it is possible the "waiting list" could be a year or two.

Our kitten photos are put up on our website, only if they don't sell immediately to those on our waiting list. So those on our waiting list get the opportunity to purchase kittens immediately after they are born. The only photos we put up on our website are for those who haven't sold to those on our waiting list.

We do have ONE requirement (besides the fact we will NOT ship, so you must pick up from our location in southern California) if you wish to purchase a manx, polydactyl, or poly-manx kitten from us. You must NOT vaccinate the cat or kitten for anything except that which is required by law. We sell ONLY to buyers who are educated about the toxic and dis-ease causing vaccines. Our outdoor holistically raised cats are not vaccinated for anything, except rabies as required by law. These cats are strong, healthy, bright eyed, playful, have strong immune systems, and do NOT get sick - naturally. People who have bought our adult manx and kittens have had them vet checked for everything, including parasites, only to find they are healthy and test negative for parasites and any feline diseases. For information about animal vaccines see our Animal Vaccines Webpage. These healthy cats and kittens will NEVER get sick and therefore, require no vet bills for treatment of disease.

For holistic cat book information, see our Holistic Animal Health Books page.

Additionally, we prefer cat buyers feed raw species appropriate nutrition, since cats are true carnivores. For information on feeding species appropriate raw diets to cats, see our Dog & Cat Nutrition page.

To see the kittens we have for sale from Winter 2016 litters, go here: 2016 Manx & Polydactyl Kittens

Click on the images to see a larger view and kitten information

IF you are interested in any of the kittens, we require a 50% deposit to hold them for you until you pick it/them up. Please E-Mail Us.

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